Techfugees hosting first Africa hackathon at the iHub

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Techfugees, our fellow Google For Startups partner hub is hosting it’s first Africa hackathon and we are extremely excited to have the opportunity to host this at the iHub!

The iHub is one of 5 Google for Startups partner hubs in Africa. The others include JoziHub in South Africa, Cchub in Nigeria, iSpace in Ghana and Outbox in Uganda.

Techfugees is a non-profit coordinating the international tech community’s response to the needs of refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced people. It exists to empower the displaced with technology and find long term solutions to everyday challenges.

The Techfugees Nairobi Hackathon will bring together for a weekend, tech stars, mentors, designers, business leaders, and community people, together with newly arrived and settled refugees to design and prototype #tech4refugee projects on ONE topic: HEALTH

Techfugees and the iHub are part of the Google for Startups network, which consists of 50+ partners organisations. Google for Startups connects startup communities with the best of Google’s resources. Members learn from and network with people across different skills, industries, and geographies, and gain access to global programs, events, and a network of spaces, where entrepreneurs can go to learn, connect, and build companies that will change the world.

We are also excited to be hosting this event because hackathons have historically, for the iHub, been a great avenue to surface great ideas and products, which we can help grow to sustainable and impactful businesses. We’ve hosted them, written about them, supported them and we are always looking out for new challenges to hack.

Read more about the Techfugees hackathon at the iHub here



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