Welcome to District Connect, a podcast by iHUB where we cover a wide range of topics covering the intersection of technology and innovation on the African continent 

Join us as we chat with founders, innovators, experts, and industry players for some or their key insights and personal experiences in entrepreneurship and innovation from different startup ecosystems across the continent.

Eduvision: How Edtech Is Making Learning Accessible For All

From Research To Spinoff In Africa, Product, Funding IP and Everything In Between

The Launch and Future of Product Experience Factory at CcHUB Design Lab

The Art of Networking and Its Profound Impact on Success

Leveraging Technology As A Tool To Remember the 1994 Genocide

A Look into Design Lab’s 5th Anniversary and The Future Outlook of AI.

Investing in health tech for impact – capitalizing on a moment of opportunity

Conversations With Funto Adesola

Podcast Recording with Tech & Society

Women in Tech – with delphine nyaboke

Where Travel Meets Tech

What’s Next EdTech

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