Highlights of the #InnovateForClimate Hackathon

By Lincoln Njogu
  Published 05 Dec 2016
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The iHub in conjunction with Oracle Kenya and Kenya Climate Innovation Center undertook a climate change solutions hackathon on the 2nd - 3rd December.

During the hackathon experience, the participants were required to develop an application that utilises the Oracle Application Container Service and focusses on climate change on the aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency, agri-business, water, waste management and issues related to the environment.

Here are the 6 Teams who participated in the hackathon on the 2nd & 3rd of December as well as their descriptions:

NEON: Team Neon's project is an IoT sensor platform that reads environmental parameters to inform an air quality index.

MK: Team MK is creating a larger marketplace by harnessing the cloud and mobile communication to identify new customers, connect them to renewable technologies and up-sell a suite of products using the data generated to increase the uptake of renewable technologies.

CODE KNIGHTS: The Code Knights team is creating a USSD crowdsourcing application that educates people on climate change.

CODE SPRINTERS: The Code Sprinters team is creating a Crowdfunding platform for raising money to finance water,energy and agribusiness projects from investors and public.

G-JENGE: The G-Jenge team is creating a tool to collect various used items through our agents and sell them to others who may have other ways recycling them.

MAYNE: Team Mayne is creating the ultimate climate management solution for farmers.

The Contest winners were selected by a panel of judges from Oracle, KCIC and iHub. The presentations were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Quality and innovative nature of the design
  • Utility of the product
  • Compelling use of Oracle platform i.e. Application Cloud Container (ACC)
  • Business potential
  • Scalability of the solution
  • Possibility of sharing
  • Working DEMO
  • Team composition

Here are the winners of the hackathon:

TEAM MAYNE #1 winner of Ksh 100,000/- as well as possibility of incubation by Kenya Climate Innovation Hub


TEAM G-JENGE #2 winner of Ksh 75,000/- as well as possibility of incubation by Kenya Climate Innovation Hub


TEAM MK & TEAM CODE KNIGHTS #3 winner of Ksh 50,000/- as well as possibility of incubation by Kenya Climate Innovation Hub



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