22 Jan 2019


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Innovation Ecosystem Vigil

By admin

Resilience is a word that is increasingly used regularly in innovation circles. How do we avoid failure when we’re surprised by events? This week after the devastating Riverside Attack, Nairobi and Kenya has refused to fail. We are showing our resilience.

Our hearts have been warmed by the support for each other throughout the innovation ecosystem. Many times we feel like competitors, but really we all serve a wider, greater mission; to make our society better today than it was yesterday.

We would like to invite the innovation ecosystem to the iHub on Tuesday 22 January from 5.30pm – 7.30pm to meet in person and see how we are all doing, how we can better support each other, what we can learn together from the last week. This is an inclusive event. If you want to come, please come. If you are wondering if you should come, please come.