The iHub catalyses the growth of the Kenyan tech community by connecting people, supporting startups, and surfacing information.
Since inception in March 2010, the iHub has grown through overcoming challenges as well as consistently and fiercely adapting toward serving our tech community. This has been through initiatives such as iHub Research, m:lab (with eMobilis and University of Nairobi), Consulting, the UX Lab; and in 2014, together with Sanergy, Ushahidi and BRCK we started Gearbox, a design and rapid prototyping facility to be strategically located in the industrial area of Nairobi, with a smaller location within the iHub at Bishop Magua Centre.

What is iHub? Who we are, why we exist, and why anyone should care?

We believe that African innovation plays a critical role in shaping future technology globally. The iHub was the first such space in Kenya and has spurred a revolution in the tech ecosystem across the African continent over the last five years, constantly challenging and influencing technology development.

We provide a part open community space, a part vector for investors and VCs, and part incubator. This is a vibrant and collaborative environment for innovators and startups to think through their ideas, and develop their solutions, lowering the barriers to entry for many young would-be entrepreneurs. Our commitment to spurring a vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs to build “best in the world” companies tailored to solving the myriad of problems in Africa and across the developing world motivates us. This community includes individual developers, designers, creatives, researchers, scientists, engineers, technologists, as well non-tech people looking to launch startups.

Looking Forward

Our goal is to continuously fuel an ecosystem of innovation and technology that allows people to develop enterprises that creatively solve problems around them using technology, while shaping the way African innovation is viewed by the world.

We are convinced that people are at the core of any successful company anywhere in the world, and that any country that diligently invests in its people (particularly for a young population such as Kenya’s) is bound to reap huge benefits sooner or later. We want to help develop top-notch talent that can start or help build successful tech companies that can scale regionally and globally.

We include all parties in the ecosystem, supporting startups throughout their innovation journey and connecting them with opportunities through our initiatives. We want to be at the forefront of igniting the growth of successful company after successful company.