World Teachers’ Day

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As the rest of the world gears up for World Teachers Day on the 5th of October 2021, the education practice at CcHUB/iHub, re-learn gets set to join the rest of the world to celebrate its Teachers Community while showcasing our work with Teachers in the country. This year, the theme for the day is; “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”.

About 18 months since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education sector has experienced a seismic shift requiring teachers to constantly be on their toes to meet the new demands of teaching and learning. With schools on lockdown for several months, in-school teaching and learning came to a halt, and the switch to remote learning began which left many students behind. With the relaxation of the lockdowns and the gradual opening of the world to physical activities, teachers have had to grapple with in-person teaching, helping students to come up to speed with activities, balance health risks associated with physical learning, and still embrace digital tools to support teaching virtually. 

Amid this crisis, teachers have demonstrated as always, a great commitment and adaptability to ensure that learning does not stop and that no one is left behind. While teachers are finding ways to create new learning environments for their students, they are faced with several needs, requiring support to help them stay ahead of the curve as frontline responders at the heart of education recovery in the 21st century.

As we celebrate World Teachers’ Day this year, we aim to restate our commitment to support teachers in the quest for continuous professional development through our Community of Practice- The Teachers’ Lounge.

The Teachers’ Lounge is a state-of-the-art community that offers teachers access to qualified trainers, teaching resources, and devices to support their professional growth to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. As members of the Teachers’ Lounge, both public and private primary/secondary school teachers have access to an open and independent working environment, continuous professional development, a vibrant community of practice, fireside chats, and re:learn’s products testbed.

As participants in the World Teachers’ Day activities by CcHUB/iHub, teachers get to experience the virtual Teachers’ Lounge games, CcHUB EdTech Ecosystem tour, open discussions on teacher well-being and agency, and an exclusive Teachers’ party. 

Are you a teacher and wish to be a part of this year’s celebrations?


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