The CcHUB Cybersecurity Fellowship

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The CcHUB Cybersecurity Fellowship is a 3-month fellowship aimed at finding experienced cybersecurity professionals in Nigeria and Kenya to train and mentor younger talents to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap in the region.

For our very first cohort, 6 fellows will be selected across three cybersecurity domains, namely: Cloud Security, Pentesting and Vulnerability Management, and Threat Intelligence. 


In addition to being able to demonstrate a good deal of experience in the interested domain (we count experience not really in number of years but in the quality of job or projects worked on over a period of time), prospective fellows should also:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of technology and cybersecurity concepts
  • Demonstrate experience and ability to impart knowledge and train younger professionals 
  • Be creative, a problem solver who not only uses cybersecurity tools but understands how to create tools to solve problems..
  • Have an understanding of the business and economic implications of their chosen domains and how it is shaping the future of cybersecurity
  • Have recognizable qualifications/certifications in the domain of focus

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1. Is the fellowship onsite or virtual?

About 6 weeks of the fellowship will be spent developing course materials and training younger fellows and this will be done at our spaces in Lagos (NG Hub) and Nairobi (iHub). The other half will focus on supporting young professionals virtually.

2. Where will fellows be based?

Fellows should be based in Lagos or Nairobi. 

(Although we favour applicants already residing in any of these two locations, if we find an irresistible talent, we will support them to come into Lagos or Nairobi for the first half of the fellowship which is onsite).

3. How much will fellows earn?

Fellows will earn up to N1,400,000 (KShs 395,000) over the 3 months. This is however not a salary but is rather paid in tranches when tasks or projects are executed including course/curriculum development, training younger fellows, supporting the project work and post-training efforts of younger fellows. We do expect all fellows to earn the full amount however.

4. When does the fellowship begin?

The Fellowship begins on Monday, 17th May 2021.

5. What happens after the fellowship?

We will work with fellows who demonstrate exceptional commitment and leadership as consultants to support CcHUB’s cybersecurity efforts across Africa.


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