Online Safety Fair 2.0 Roundup.

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Online citizens are rarely informed on how to practically be safe and kind not only to themselves but also to others. This was the biggest takeaway from the second edition of the iHub’s Online Safety Fair held on the 14th December 2019. 

Through the Online Safety Card and Online Safety Bingo, we learnt that attendees were keener to practically install and run these tools on their devices. A new addition to the Fair was the Spectogram, an interactive session that hosts non-conclusive debates regarding online behaviour. The main objective of this session was to develop empathy for the differing opinions that emerged and to influence, through conversation, better online behaviour.

The Glass Room Experience, also new at the Fair, is a pop-up exhibition whose hands-on activities encourage awareness on data and privacy. Designed by Tactical Tech, it sparks exciting debates on how emerging technology is developed to discriminate citizens at intersections such as race and gender.

The Fair attracted senior citizens who made up about a third of the participants. Pleased with what they took away from the fair, they will be back this month for the first edition of the Dignified program a digital literacy program for senior citizens.


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