The iHub’s Pizza Friday Web-Series Is Here!

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Internet Pizza Fridays are periodic events hosted by the iHub Governance  team, which brings together the iHub community and other stakeholders from the technology ecosystem, to have conversations around exciting internet issues. 


Events take the form of a fireside chat and typically lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Attendance is free and attendees are welcome to join in with additional information, thoughts and questions. Then we get to eat pizza!

Internet Pizza Friday aims to raise awareness around everyday issues faced while trying to navigate online spaces safely and in a more informed way. Topics that have been covered in the past include Data Privacy , The Huduma Bill and Visual Arts and the Culture of Sharing


During this period of Covid-19, we noted that technology-assisted issues such as data privacy violations, and online violence among others have been on a rise.  We think that it important to still have these conversations and to engage our community on how we can better improve our online experiences. To this end, we are happy to introduce the Pizza Friday Web Series!


In the next few weeks we will be hosting webinars focusing on “Technology and Human Rights” where we will examine different aspects of digital rights, how they may be violated during this pandemic and how we can advocate for these rights to be respected across the board. 


The first session, “What Does The Kenya Data Protection Act Mean For An Ordinary Citizen” will be hosted virtually on 03 July 2020 in collaboration with Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology (CIPIT) where we will look into the rights cemented in the Kenya Data Protection Act, the current violations occurring in the Kenyan context, the channels through which a citizen can address such violations and the steps they can take to improve their data protection and privacy. 


Wondering how to join? Here’s how! Joining Details


We look forward to you joining us in this exciting conversation!


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