iHub reopens its co-working space

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On Monday, May 18th 2020, iHub Nairobi reopened its space to 50% of its members in line with Kenya’s gradual ease of restriction of movement and social distancing regulation stipulated on public spaces.

iHub’s management led by its CEO, ‘Bosun Tijani made the decision to reopen its office after a 7-week long shut down necessitated by the government’s directives to curb the spread of Coronavirus in Kenya.

The decision to proceed with the reopening was also unanimously agreed upon by iHub’s members through a community survey and access was granted based on uptake and confirmation by members.

Consequently, the team has designed safety measures to protect the residents of the co-working offices and its attending staff to allow a smooth transition.

To ensure the safety of people who interact with the space, a number of hygiene measures, entrance and visitor protocols such as temperature check, social distancing, frequent sanitization, disinfection and fumigation as well as the enforcement of mask wearing have been put in place in the work stations and general areas.

Operational schedule will now span from 8.30AM to 5.00PM to allow sufficient time for members to complete their commute back to the destination before the curfew. All members have been duly informed and encouraged to adhere of the guidelines set by the organization to promote a healthy transition back to the office.


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