iHub Online Safety Fair Roundup

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On the 26th of January the iHub in conjunction with Watoto Watch Network, Google Web Rangers and CODE-IP, ran the very first iHub Online Safety Fair.

The event targeted young Kenyans between the ages of 9 and 26 with the aim to equip internet users with practical skills and knowledge to navigate online platforms safely.

The event showcased the work different organisations were doing in relation to online safety and broader internet freedom issues; the various organisation booths provided event attendees with an opportunity to be exposed to  practical as well as theoretical knowledge on the topic.

In case you missed the fair, here is our online safety report card, that provides a fun and educational activity that you can do with friends or family; and here a simple curriculum we developed to introduce some concepts that are vital in building basic knowledge around the issue of online safety.

Our work since 2016 and research around internet freedom has made it clear the importance of crafting specific messages for different age groups and profiles of Kenyans in order to adequately address their concerns and make a lasting impact.

With the conversation on online safety gaining traction in Kenya for the past couple of years, it is our belief as the iHub, that young people should be front and centre of this conversation. In this video we outline a few of the ways, children can stay safe online and another here that’s relevant even for the older demographic. While placing children at the forefront of this conversation it is imperative that parents and educators alike should also start (or continue), to pay more attention to the online safety of the young people under their charge. How can we begin to encourage educational institutions to incorporate online safety curriculums?

One way the iHub is hoping to get educators and educational institutions actively engaged in online safety is by running training sessions and talks, much like when we joined Braeside students for their Online Safety Day on 29th January at their school.

In the event you are interested in running an online safety session in your institution, please reach out to research@ihub.co.ke


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