iHub Launches DIGNified in Kenya – Re-connecting the Older Generation

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Technology is increasingly becoming integrated into every fibre of our daily lives. From entertainment, to education, and simple conveniences (transportation, commerce, finance) the impact and benefits of technology are boundless. In Kenya, our access to government services has been simplified from the long queues outside offices to the simple click of a button. 

Nevertheless, a whole generation is at risk of being marginalised, or worse, taken undue advantage of. That demographic is our senior citizens.

Despite technology making our lives easier, the problems arising continue to get more complex as we try to protect our identities and information. Do you constantly receive forwarded messages on your WhatsApp from your older relatives that you know contain either conflated information or full-on fake news? Did you try to explain that not all information sent on WhatsApp or Facebook is real? How did that go ? We all know of an older person who has sent money to a wrong recipient via M-Pesa and did not know that they could reverse this transaction, don’t we ? Worse yet, you’ve probably heard of that one person that extorted money from their elderly parents to “purchase” WhatsApp for them right? Don’t we wish all these people were better informed and had better experiences with technology?

The iHub is proud to announce the launch of DIGnifiedKE, a programme to promote digital inclusion and online safety in the older generation.

DIGnified is important because whilst the older generation have an appreciation of technology and a desire to use some of the latest tools and platforms, the fear of the unknown also prevents a good percentage of senior citizens from reaping the benefits associated with being a part of an interconnected world. This has far reaching effects such as the exclusion of older voices to social movements to  the inability to access government services.

DIGnified will run as  a week long program targeted at people aged 50 and above. The sessions will be  held each quarter at the iHub in Nairobi, starting between the 27th and 31st in January 2020. With a carefully tailored curriculum where learning is hands-on sessions, participants will be exposed to basic and advanced concepts of digital technology that will include digital identity, safety, privacy, fake news and the use of basic technology tools and platforms. 

Do you want your grandparents, parents or family friends aged 50 years and above to be less apprehensive and more comfortable with technology? Then get them to sign up for DIGnified, and help them achieve independence and the connectedness that comes with being digitally adept. 

To register, please send an SMS with their details to Phone number 0798985410 or visit us on 6th Floor Senteu Plaza, Galana Road, Nairobi.



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