DEVCRAFT 2019: Call for speakers

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The 3rd edition of Devcraft returns this year. DevCraft is a conference for and by designers and software developers that was curated by the iHub Consultancy team in 2016, with the aim of raising the quality of the software craft in Kenya. The conference pools together some of the brightest minds in the local tech ecosystem to network, share their knowledge and learn from industry experts. Devcraft 2019 is scheduled to happen on the 26th of September.

Dr. Chao Mbogho
Kamilimu, Program Lead
Keynote Speaker, DEVCRAFT (2018)

A few weeks ago we sent out a survey on some of the topics devs would like to hear and participate in, the most voted topics included:

  • Advancements in AI & Machine learning,
  • Demystifying frontend programming technologies; analysis of JS frameworks and newer trends like progressive web, GraphQL etc
  • Applied Data science
  • Pricing of developer services
  • User Experience best practices; Demystifying UX processes, design sprints for product validation
  • Containerization; Docker, Kubernetes Design Systems etc
  • Geospatial Technology and street addressing system 
  • Development of Light Manufacturing – GearBox 
  • Backend Development, 
  • Developer Operations (DevOps); Tools and techniques etc
  • Tech Intellectual Property

If you can deliver a workshop or a talk in line with the above topics please submit your request on THIS FORM. NB. All submissions will be presented before a judging panel for QA.

This year’s schedule promises to be even more engaging.

We would also be delighted to bring on even more exciting partnerships with brands that each play a major role in the developer ecosystem in Kenya. Interested in partnering and sponsoring Devcraft 2019? Ping us at

Stay tuned for updates!



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