Celebrating our Nyota

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On 6th November 2019, the iHub and ccHub launched Nyota – a celebration of our tech and innovation champions through an augmented reality art experience.

Throughout history, people have used stars for guidance. Farmers observed changing patterns in the sky to guide them when to sow and when to harvest. Travelers used stars as navigation systems to keep them on track. Several African traditions link celestial symbols to sayings about the wisdom of leadership and proper behavior within the community. 

Every community has its champions, we call ours, Nyota –  the Kiswahili word for star. NYOTA celebrates our champions as guiding stars for the technology and innovation ecosystems in Africa. Across from Cairo to Cape Town, Dakar to Dar es Salaam. As ancient African communities used extensive, centuries-old knowledge of the stars for navigation our Nyota have been positive guides that have greatly impacted the continental innovation ecosystem. 

While they are all powerful individually, just like stars in the sky they have shown us that they have more impact when they work together, like the major constellations in the sky. Together our NYOTA are a powerful constellation that we are proud to honour.  

Our 24 Nyota include Erik Hersman (BRCK), Rebecca Wanjiku (Fireside Communications), Ory Okolloh (Omidyar Networks), Juliana Rotich, Bitange Ndemo (UoN), Dorcas Muthoni (Openworld Ltd.), Gustav Praekelt (Praekelt Group), Strive Masiyiwa (Econet Wireless), Rebecca Enonchong (AppsTech), Nadu Denloye (Telnet Nigeria Ltd.), Tomi Davies (TVCLabs), Funke Opeke (Main One Cable), Iyin Aboyeji (An African Future), Mitchell Elegbe (Interswitch), Jason Njoku (CEO of iROKO), Sim Shagaya (Konga), Barbara Birungi (HiveColab), Omar Cisse (InTouch), Emeka Afigbo (Facebook), David Kobia (Lab1886), Estelle Akofio Sowah (CSquared), Ehi Binite (ClearSpace LabsLtd.), Lucy Quist (Morgan Stanley London), Herman Chinery-Hesse (theSofttribe).

Our Nyota have been at the forefront of tech and innovation growth in Africa, building, championing and inspiring solutions that have impacted millions across the continent.

This installation will be displayed permanently at the iHub and we encourage everyone to come and experience it first hand. The pieces, designed by Mayowa Alabi, are created using digital illustration which comes to life when viewed through an augmented reality app called ‘Artivive’ (available on iOS and Android devices). 

Sign up here to schedule a time to visit. Alternatively, visit the Nyota website to see our Nyota.

More Nyota will be unveiled in our sister spaces- CcHub Lagos and Design Lab Kigali, in 2020.




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