CcHUB Launches Academic Innovators Community of Practice

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Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) is thrilled to announce the launch of the CcHUB Academic Innovators Community of Practice. This initiative aims to bring together academic researchers and innovators passionate about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Climate Change (Net Zero Ambitions), Agriculture, and Higher Education Institution (HEI) Innovation Management.

The Academic Innovators Community of Practice is a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among academia, industry, and government stakeholders. It provides a space for thought leadership, research, and innovation in key areas that are critical to Africa’s sustainable development.

“We are excited to launch the Academic Innovators Community of Practice, which will serve as a beneficial community that can contribute to economic prosperity on the continent through peer-to-peer collaboration, capacity-building support, innovation showcase, and commercialization of research outputs,” Said Jude Adejuwon Practice Lead of the Higher Education Innovation at CcHUB.

The community will host a series of events, workshops, and webinars to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among its members. It will also provide opportunities for researchers and innovators to showcase their work, connect with potential partners, and access mentorship support.

For more information about the CcHUB Academic Innovators Community of Practice and how to get involved, please visit

About Co-Creation HEI Innovation 

The HEI Innovation practice at Co-Creation Hub is one of the leading practices at iHUB committed to fostering the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that empowers academic innovators and researchers to thrive in a rapidly changing world and contribute to economic prosperity in Africa. Set up in 2022, the HEI Innovation practice has impacted over 1000 student innovators across 11 universities in 5 African countries and disbursed over $200,000 to student innovators building various minimum viable products from research-based innovations.


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