Meet Cohort 2 of the Women in Business Program

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Following the success and impact of the first cohort of the Women in Business program, which supported women-led technology businesses in Kenya, CcHUB and iHub have launched cohort two which opened up to women-led businesses as a whole, both in Kenya and Nigeria, and how these women can better leverage technology to scale their solutions in the African market. The program will support businesses in Nigeria, in addition to Kenya. 

The program received over 270 applications, which were narrowed down to a cohort of 15. The program will aim to:
  1. Enhance how women-led businesses leverage technology to better serve their market.
  2. Build the capacity of women-led businesses to secure capital 
  3. Catalyze the expansion efforts of women-led businesses in the African market
  4. Build the capacity of female entrepreneurs to attract, develop and retain quality talent
  5. Create access to market opportunities


The program kicked off with a virtual workshop on Thursday, October 1, and Friday, October 2, 2020. The cohort was introduced to each other and walked through the program’s mechanics, as well as set expectations for the 6-month period of the program.


Program participants are expected to benefit in the following ways;
  • They will be able to use technology to achieve a strategically differentiated business that speaks to the heart of customer needs.
  • An ability to speak investor language and leverage sound financial understanding of your business to secure capital and partnerships.
  • Support to expand your business across multiple geographical markets.
  • Knowledge of how to attract, develop, and retain a strong team.
  • Access to a robust network of investors, corporate executives, and software developers to help scale your business.

One key aspect of our programs is connecting startups to experts in particular sectors/fields. For this program,  our industry expert network will consist of female experts in the technology sector, as well as other fields in which the startups operate. They have chosen to come in as guest experts/facilitators at monthly meetings, advisors that will be attached to a specific startup, or offer advisory services via flexible office hours.

These are the startups selected into the 2020 cohort 2

Afrofinity is a unique beauty retail platform that supports professionals by helping them retail premium products without having to purchase or manage any inventory.

Fichaya is a tech-enabled company that creates time for home and corporate customers to focus on more important things. And they do this by providing easy access to affordable monthly cleaning subscriptions.

Happy Coffee is an indigenous coffee brand, they are positioned to grow the Nigerian coffee sector which distinguishes their brand from the others. As an ardent advocate of the Nigerian coffee value chain, this gives their brand National and Domestic appeal in a time, where it is imperative to grow their local economy and the NigeriaNaira. In addition, they source their raw material locally which secures their production line and activities. 

HerVest is a women-focused, easy-to-use financial platform that enables women to participate in key financial services, saving, fund transfers, and impact-investment. HerVest holds a strong faith in the use of technology, insights, and digital tools to solve women’s problems particularly in increasing the financial inclusion of women in Nigeria. 

Inuka Kenya is a digital wellbeing app that provides behavioural coaching to corporates. They improve employee health and productivity in order to build a more resilient workforce. Their service is anonymous, affordable, and accessible on mobile phones and lets its users know their mental health status and connect with a certified and caring coach.

Keypetbooks is a financial services firm that uses technology to provide outsourced accounting services to early-stage start-ups and small businesses serious about progress in order to arm them with analyzed data so that they can make better long-term financial decisions. They have only one objective: to ensure their clients’ financial objectives are met with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost.

Lucy and partners (Nig) Ltd is an online e-commerce platform that makes it easy for individuals and businesses to buy branded merchandise on demand. They create convenience by providing merchandise custom made to clients brand specification to their doorsteps. Unlike other e-commerce stores, we custom make items for different industries.

Marble Stitches provides digital and physical tailoring services for men and women, swiftly delivered, and at pocket-friendly prices; Their multi-channel engagement platform allows users to go to the tailor’s shop on their devices.

Maximum Cleaning Hub is a home and office cleaning company that employs vulnerable women (single mothers, and widows). They aim to change the profile of women providing cleaning services and position the trade as a viable and respectable way to earn a living. 

Ndovu is a micro-investment platform that provides easy access to African financial markets. 

OnehealthNg digitizes Pharmacare, leveraging technology and economies of scale, to provide quality medicines and health care that is accessible and affordable. Using properly curated and analyzed data, they are able to track each person’s medical journey, translating into a more personalized and effective service for all their patients.

Semsey Semsey is a pioneer private Africa cosmetics and beauty manufacturing hub and products retailing company.  Their overall mission is to build confident African women, by delivering healthy and flawless skin through the use of high performing skincare products created from scratch with safe, sustainable processes and raw materials sourced from the Africa continent. 

The Butty Box is a small beverage manufacturing company. They brew natural, fermented, sparkling, probiotic, low sugar beverages that are a healthy alternative to soft carbonated drinks. Their water kefir drinks are currently stocked in 17 outlets within Kenya. 

WHISPA™ is a mobile app that helps improve young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health information, products, and services.

ZUMI is revolutionizing the apparel supply chain in Kenya with a B2B e-commerce solution. Their technology aggregates the orders of small, informal apparel retailers in order to negotiate better prices from suppliers, reduce the cost of delivery, and create financial track records for retailers in order to access credit.


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