Camp Buni: A Groundbreaking Platform for Makers

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A look back at collaborations that matter

Creating sustainable change involves working with and/or strategic stakeholders. In the maker ed. space, the ultimate goal is creating a generation of conscious global citizens, leaders and makers―the same people who will service their local communities and the continent. In this post, CampBuni CEO and founder reflects on CampBuni stint working with Allan and Gill Gray Foundation to create Kenya’s first e-based high school entrepreneurship challenge.

There are many reasons why we should join hands to enrich and supplement the outcomes of our education system. Creating better conscious leaders, worrying climate change trends, ever-constant uncertainty for tomorrow’s future, more complex problems arising and a growing need to collaborate effectively just to name a few.

Personally, I have experienced the problem first hand and even wrote about it on the HuffPost. And this is why I am excited about what we have done and the prospects of us using CampBuni as a platform to address these loopholes with our unique value adds. The journey of curating and activating this generation will be one of many trials, tribulations, adoption of verifiable best practices and of-course lessons disguised as failures.

Of these trials, I am happy to report on one pivotal one: working with Allan and Gill Gray Foundation (previously based in South Africa) to make a challenge that will change how our students think of problems faced in their local communities. With Allan and Gill Gray Foundation as our client, we co-created a Kenyan-high-school challenge dubbed the “Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge,” consisting of both personal and business building challenges.

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What if the spark is in a competition? The Allan Grey Entrepreneurship Challenge launches for the first time in Kenya!  @AllanGrayOrbis

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By sparking and honing entrepreneurial instincts over an online based platform, the challenge guides high school youth to solve and create exponential socio-economic value over a period of six weeks. The emerging winners will then be awarded from a share of over Ksh. 1 million an ultimate prize of a fully sponsored trip to Silicon Valley in the US–the pulse of technology and entrepreneurship! At Silico Valley, they will meet with inspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises that will further spark their aptitude for solving for their communities!

I am most excited about what this means for high school youth―solving for and gaining critical problem skills at a tender age. The opportunity to analyze and solve for problems faced by our local communities is one-of-a-kind. The challenge captures challenges in Kenya’s big four agenda i.e Affordable Housing, food security, manufacturing and affordable health care. Find out more about the challenge here.

CampBuni alumni at one of our camps. Find out more here

Despite accessibility issues with broadband internet (a valid concern), relevant measures are in place to maximize reach. In my high-school years, accessing such platform was turbulent process. CampBuni aims to make this process seamless, easy and ubiquitous.

The magic and spark of what we do with our team at CampBuni and with external stakeholders is activating personal initiative. The ripple effect of personal initiative is evident with effective team work, superlative time-management and dynamic leadership just to name a few we see with our successful graduates. I talked about this in a conference exploring “The Skills for Our Tomorrow.” Click here to watch my panel session.

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The power of individuals is a big theme from this morning’s session on social entrepreneurship. Leroy Mwasaru, Founder of Greenpact, urges everyone at to make change happen!

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The most powerful form of leadership is self-leadership.

We are looking for volunteers to amplify our impact through our programmes. Are you interested in volunteering with us or know someone who is a good fit? Send them this link.

Author: Leroy Mwasaru
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