Apply for CampBuni (4th Edition): A young adults’ design camp

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For the fourth time, we are coming back with our annual creative camp, a haven for leaders, designers and makers!

CampBuni has a unique focus on creative design thinking for youth between 18 – 23 years of age. We work with select partners to offer inclusive,specially facilitated creative problem solving sessions.

File photo from one of CampBuni 2.0’s sessions

This year’s design camp – The Creative Economy 2019, a programme that supports Kenya’s next generation of creative innovators – will take place in Nairobi, Kenya, August 13 -17, 2019. We believe that providing young people in Kenya with the ability to address their own needs and foster a positive problem-solving mentality is one of the most important priorities in ensuring sustainable and progressive development in the country. Through hands-on design workshops, CampBuni is providing young people with a unique opportunity to take their future into their own hands – acknowledging issues in their communities and creating solutions on both a local and global scale.

File photo from CampBuni 2.0’s Demo Day

Guest facilitators include Mr. David Muriithi (alias DJ D-Lite), Mr. David Mathenge (alias Nameless) and Ms. Liz Kitua.

Our aim is to enable young Kenyans, who are as impressive as their contemporaries leading change in the environmental sector, to fulfill their true creative potential. We strongly believe that many are ingenious, innovative and have the ability to inspire their communities and others across the globe.

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