AFRICA 3.0 in Nairobi

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On July 15th & 16th East Africa’s new insurance ecosystem is being launched in Nairobi and the iHub is a partner. The focus of the event is the symbiosis of InsurTech & FinTech sectors with AgriTech and HealthTech to seal the insurance gap, develop resilience to climate change, secure the future of local businesses and address the vulnerability of the millions that make up the informal market.

The trillion-dollar insurance sector is due a shakeup. Alongside sealing the insurance gap, debate and discussion will include working creatively with regulators to deliver sustainable and mutually beneficial innovation.

Given the vigorous establishment of FinTech in East Africa, we wanted to draw your attention to this pioneering event hosted by the successful tech ecosystem founders, London based, Market Minds The event is being sponsored by the UK Department for International Trade (DfID), who facilitate the long-term development of partnerships between UK and international businesses.

Market Minds’ annual INSURANCE 3.0 event in London has run with high acclaim since 2015 and they have built the UK’s foremost InsurTech Ecosystem.

This, the first AFRICA 3.0 event, will synthesise the creativity of East Africa’s tech communities with the clout of established financial incumbents, government and regulatory bodies and international investors to address the great opportunity in East Africa’s wide-open insurance market.

If you would like to participate please do so via the link below.


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