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We’re an innovation Centre dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity.

Who we are

We are an innovation center part of the Co-Creation Hub, committed to playing a critical role in leapfrogging the African technology entrepreneurship scene by creating an environment of trust and experimentation that facilitates the growth of entrepreneurs and their companies.

What we do

We work closely with stakeholders, including entrepreneurs,
innovators, civil society organizations, the government, and the
private sector, in Africa in these areas:

Startup Support & Incubation

We support early-stage entrepreneurs in building global, category-defining companies across Africa

Technology & Society

We explore the intersection of Technology and Society and seek to understand how emerging technologies affect the African Ecosystem


re:learn is committed to improving the quality of education across Africa, by using empirical evidence from research-backed innovative teaching methods and digital tools to improve learning outcomes


We support individuals and organisations to smartly apply innovation and technology to solve commercial and social problems

Creative Economy

Enabling African Creative Economy
Growth Through Innovation and
Technology Application

More About Us

Our Partners

Some organisations we’ve had the joy of collaborating with.

Our Community

We recognize that the driving force of a space like ours is in the community and collaboration, not in a single individual or company. We have a vibrant community of founders, entrepreneurs, creatives, & freelancers spread across our 4 locations on the continent, giving you access to one of the largest pan-African innovation enablers.

Never stop learning!

we regularly host online and in-person insightful events all year round. Join any of our events and gain meaningful networks, skills, and experience while enjoying refreshments.

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