UX Support Services

Our team of interdisciplinary and experienced experts will create a customized user experience design plan to suit your needs. At a free initial consulting meeting, our team assess the entire project needs and helps you plan a scope according to your budget and available time.

At our unique user experience lab, we are situated to advise our clients and provide services such as:

Ideation Workshops
Facilitators can help your team take your idea seeds and grow them into well formulated plans. We encourage creativity, iteration, and contextually relevant designs using customized methods for your team and project.

User Experience Research Design and Logistical Preparation/Support
The UX Lab can collaborate with your team in doing UX research in the field. We utilize refined user centered field research tools where we apply ethnographic methods, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, focus groups or participatory design methods.

User-Centered Design Team Mentorship
Depending on the stage of your business the UX Lab will construct a project plan which includes developing and validating a clear statement of goals that will enable us to work towards conducting research, design synthesis and analysis to inform on the product design and development.

Usability Studies and A/B Testing
Our offices accommodate a two-room private testing lab space that can be hired (with, or without our team's assistance). This arrangement includes an interview room with two video cameras that connect to LCD screens for viewing in and recording in an adjacent room.

Tech Team Training or Design Sensitivity Workshops
Are your developers behind screens a little bit too much? If your team has lost touch with your users or the importance of design, we can help! Empathy and a user-centered process is important even for developers. These methods help better with efficiency, communication, and shared company vision. Workshops and trainings are private and designed to target the issues for your team and company.

Expert UX Interface and Experience Design Product Reviews
Senior user experience personnel will do an expert walk through of your product, business, design, or concept. After a thorough review and discussion of your concerns, we can provide a report of actionable design insights and suggestions for improvement. Aesthetic design critique sessions or designed print reports/presentations are also available outputs for this service.

User Profiling or Persona Creation
Our lab helps companies learn about their users, audiences, or markets. What are your users beliefs, attitudes, values? Who are they when they really and what is their real life context of use and interaction experience with your company. Knowing this will wisely shape your company strategy around pain points and user context and behaviors.

Design Empathy or Design Methods Workshops
Everyone needs empathy, but people who design technology and research users or markets need it more than most. We can teach that; it is our business to do it well. If your team needs to learn how to conduct design research or empathetic design activities, we can help. Lessons can be individual or taught to a group.