Ideation Space for Hire

Are you looking out to hire space for meetings, usability testing, trainings or even focus group studies?

The iHub UX Lab provides you with a space well equipped with a wall to wall whiteboard, projector and excellent sound system. It includes meeting rooms, ideation space and

The cost of hiring the space ranges from KES 100,000 daily for the entire lab to KES 400 per hour for the small meeting room. Price reduction depends on the client's’ level of engagement in the community and their partnership with the iHub.

How individuals and organizations engage with the iHub Community

Startups who co-work at the community space and participate in activities and events at the iHub.

iHub friends – Organizations that have worked with the iHub and maintain a working relationship.

iHub partners – Organizations that are currently working on projects with the iHub and contribute towards the community's activities.

iHub members – Red, green or white members who co-work in the iHub community space.

iHub clients – Organizations, companies, startups and people who work with one or more iHub initiatives.