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About Tajriba

Tajriba (Kiswahili for experience) is the first annual user experience event in East Africa.
Tajriba is a two-week event that brings world class user centered design experts in direct contact with a growing tech community to provide a series of free lectures, activities, and hands on training sessions. The goal is to make UX and technology design knowledge more accessible and increase awareness among the broader technology community and Kenya.

This year Tajriba will be drawing the best talent from around our local community to discuss the state of art that is already here, happening, and possible.

Tajriba is sponsored and hosted by the iHub UX Lab in Nairobi, Kenya. Our growing team of UX practitioners wants to increase design competency and expand the UX community in our region. We are always looking for ways to partner with UX experts, organizations, and events worldwide. Tajriba is our contribution to the global UX community, and everyone is invited.

Tajriba Speakers

5th - 16th

October 2015

Weekdays 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Contact Details

4th Floor, Bishop Magua Centre Ngong Road, Nairobi Kenya