Waza Experience

Waza Experience (Swahili for ‘Active Thinking’) is a volunteer-driven initiative under iHub that seeks to spur creativity, problem solving, and improve communication skills amongst Nairobi youth. It is premised on the Design Thinking curriculum developed at Stanford University. Waza seeks to stretch the innovative, empathetic and creative muscles of kids by employing what Forbes recently called a ‘a unified framework of innovation’ and arming them with tools that will prepare them for the world.


The objective of our curriculum is to create a guided experience to instill the following key skills in children in the context of their regular learning environment and in collaboration with their parents and teachers:

  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication

The 2015 Waza Experience curriculum exposes kids (ages 10 -15) to a blend of design thinking and technical skills. Technical skills are developed through one-day ‘Kids Hacker Camps’ that run throughout the year. We develop basic competencies in foundational computing and programming, as well as electronics prototyping using sensors and actuators. Through exposure to technologies and design thinking, we equip students with skills to develop their ideas and inventions.