Hardware Design

The Build Lab at iHub Research promotes the design of appropriate hardware for Kenya and Africa. Our team comprises of committed researchers and engineers with a passion for building impactful technologies and an understanding of how best to serve our communities. This is all done with the aim of encouraging and nurturing aspirations of Kenyan youth in hardware innovation. Our programs channel the creative effort of Kenyan youth through the collaborative development of thoughtful and appropriate hardware solutions. 

We offer consulting and training for start-ups, corporates, & academia on African hardware design, leveraging our research through hardware design.

The Build Lab can help you:

  • Improve your hardware product design with technical advice and UX insights
  • Conduct social and market research on hardware products and the hardware community
  • Customise your hardware training curriculum for children
  • Incubate your hardware idea through our Builders-in-Residence program
  • Spread the word about your hardware products with our corporate partner outreach package
  • Run ‘buildathon’ events around a hardware product or concept