Data Science Lab

The Data Science Lab at iHub Research capitalises on the growing opportunities presented by technology and data, through data science – the process of using data to surface information and tell stories. We offer consultancy services and training to start-ups, corporates, academia, development organisations and civil society on the innovative use of data and technology in research and problem solving.

The Data Lab offers expertise on the following critical research processes: Data Collection, Data Management, Analysis and Data Visualisation. The Data Lab uses a collaborative approach to perform its functions, engaging top local data scientists and analysts, subject matter experts and graphic designers, to provide high quality outputs.

Key capabilities include:

  • Digital data collection;
  • Data management using hardware and cloud solutions;
  • Qualitative Analysis;
  • Data science and analysis of unstructured data using computation methods such as data mining, machine learning, natural language processing;
  • Creation of analytic dashboards;
  • Data-driven problem solving.

Services Offered:

  • Contextualized analytics (based on your needs and requirements);
  • Agile and experimental approaches to data research to produce the best results;
  • End to end support in the data research process (from data collection to designed outputs);
  • Training programs;
  • Knowledge management and infrastructure set-up and support for data storage;
  • Incubation for data-focused projects.

For more information and to connect with us, get in touch: [email protected]