About iHub Research

Status/ ongoing
iHub, Nairobi’s Innovation Hub, catalyses the growth of the Kenyan technology community by connecting people, supporting startups and surfacing information. iHub is the first such space in Kenya and has spurred a revolution in the tech ecosystem across the African continent over the past 5 years of its existence. Several similar initiatives have subsequently sprung up across continent, with a World Bank estimate putting these at over 90 hubs and labs. iHub nurtures an African innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that challenges and influences technology, since we believe that African innovation will play a critical role in shaping the future of technology globally. iHub Research supports the iHub’s overall mission through discovery of uses and approaches to technology in Africa, experimentation towards knowledge creation, and sharing insights for improved decision making by technology stakeholders. We aim to stimulate a culture of curiosity and cultivate a community of interest around research and technology in Africa.