About iHub Research

Status/ ongoing

iHub Research conducts qualitative and quantitative studies on technology innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the intersection between governance and technology in Africa. We also offer consultancy services and trainings on the innovative use of data, hardware research and design, as well as User Experience (UX) and market research.

iHub Research supports the iHub’s overall mission through discovery of uses and approaches to technology in Africa, experimentation towards knowledge creation, and sharing insights for improved decision making by technology stakeholders. We aim to stimulate a culture of curiosity and cultivate a community of interest around research and technology in Africa.

Through our work, we seek to:

  • Innovate on the research process
  • Increase the visibility of African tech researchers
  • Improve the quality of tech research and publication outputs from Africa
  • Surface information that can influence decision making of technology stakeholders
  • Identify new opportunities for technology entrepreneurs

Our core team is comprised of qualitative and quantitative researchers, research project managers, data scientists, and hardware engineers. Our team receives support from global research associates and fellows. Research conducted undergoes a thorough review by mentors who have long-standing presence in research and technology.

Our partners and past clients include the World Bank, Ma3Route, Google, Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), Rockefeller Foundation, McArthur Foundation, M-Farm, International Finance Centre (IFC), Internews, Georgetown, University, Hivos, Squad Digital, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), USAID, Omidiyar Network, Indigo Trust.