Status/ ongoing

Una Hakika is a collaborative project run between Sentinel Project and iHub Research. During the interethnic massacres in Tana Delta between August 2012 and January 2013, misinformation was singled out as a main cause of the conflict. Una Hakika is being rolled out in the area so as to understand how misinformation is transmitted throughout a population, particularly how networked technologies influence the spread of misinformation and whether they can be used to map and then counter misinformation. ICT will play a key role in Una Hakika for collecting data in the form of rumour reports, verifying the truth behind rumours, and disseminating counter-messaging to the Tana Delta community both, via SMS and later via voice in the form of neutral, accurate information.

To subscribe, users will send a short code to 21512 and thereafter report rumours. Verification of rumours is intended to be carried out using volunteers and relevant officials.