ICT and Governance in East Africa

Status/ ongoing

iHub Research, as part of the ICT4Democracy East Africa network, is undertaking an 18 month project to assess how ICT tools are being used for various aspects of governance in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

We want to identify, describe and analyze conditions under which ICT tools can/have successfully facilitate(d) or hinder(ed) two way interaction between government and citizens towards reducing the cost of delivering public services, stemming corruption and increasing transparency and accountability. We also want to study the innovative initiatives that have taken off to achieve this, as well as [de]motivations for utilizing ICT tools, among the various stakeholders(citizens, governments, civil society and non-governmental actors).

To better assess ICT tools used for governance (which can be SMS, web and/or mobile-based) we will be looking at four key elements/metrics, that is:

  • if/how they promote(or hinder) rights/access to information,
  • if/ how civic participation (transparency and accountability) is facilitated(hindered),
  • if/how such tools assist(or hinder) in monitoring government's service delivery (health, water etc) and
  • if/how ICT tools have been, or can be utilized in tracking corruption

The study findings are available here.