The iHub exists to catalyse the growth of the Kenyan Tech ecosystem by connecting people, supporting startups and surfacing information.
In line with this, we are keen to collaborate with different stakeholders in the ecosystem to multiply impact and create opportunities in the area of technology entrepreneurship and innovation.

Partnership Categories

Talent Partnerships

These partnerships are those that have a specific focus on talent and talent development. Particularly looking at developing world-class competitive talent that leads to job creation and future employment, not only in Kenya but in the region. It’s also about providing an enabling environment where people are focused on solving local problems through local solutions.

This can be achieved through trainings, events, online learning, competitions etc

Infrastructure partnerships

The underlying network and physical infrastructure play a major role to the iHub and the tech ecosystem. We are therefore keen to build on partnerships that aim at strengthening our underlying technological and physical infrastructure.

Through these partnerships we also intend to make the iHub the nexus for Internet of Things in Africa.

Community and Ecosystem partnerships

These partnerships have a focus on the ecosystem within which the iHub lives. The ecosystem includes entities such as Ushahidi, BRCK, m:lab and AkiraChix as well as the communities around each of them.

These partnerships focuses on the holistic needs of the tech community and a scaled approach in how to meet those needs.

Our Partners