29 Mar 2022


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Kilimani Business Forum

By iHub

The Kilimani Business Forum is an initiative by the Kilimani Project Foundation that exists primarily to provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with information and skills to build resilient businesses. The latest iteration of the initiative was hosted on 24th February 2022 at iHub Nairobi. Dubbed Leveraging Digital Transformation to grow your Business, it brought together business owners to connect, share information, and network with industry leaders, business owners, and other stakeholders. The panelists covered key thematic areas including e-commerce, digital marketing, data and data privacy, and digital services tax. Among the panelists was our very own Tim Dagori, the Technology and Society Practice Lead. 

Tim emphasized data protection considerations for businesses in compliance with existing laws and regulations such as Kenya’s Data Protection Act of 2019. Leveraging digital transformation to scale businesses has exposed SMEs to digital risks and cyber threats. Cyber incidents are known to halt business operations, damage organizational reputation, destroy customer trust, hence, they often lead to huge financial losses. According to an internal study done by Dimension Data, 58% of SMEs in Kenya have experienced some form of a cyber-attack, hence it is important to raise awareness for business owners and equip them with skills to protect their critical assets, especially data. Cyber incidents are now inevitable, shifting the focus towards digital resilience to ensure organizations are ready to respond, recover and re-establish operations. 

It is imperative that SMEs invest in a cybersecurity strategy. While most have limited budgets to set up inhouse cybersecurity functions, SMEs have access to third party cybersecurity service providers. iHub, through its Technology and Society Practice, offers Cyber Risk Advisory suite services that can help SMEs create tailored cybersecurity strategies, security awareness programs as well as assess existing controls to improve the organizational security posture. In the past, we have helped SMEs in Kenya through digital security awareness training to secure the human element, a low hanging fruit for most threat actors. Further, through our Cybersecurity Command Center, you can report incidents and receive support on incident handling and recovery. Being a part of the iHub community will provide you access to threat intelligence gathered through cyber monitoring and interaction with other SMEs. 

Does your business need to be prepared for cyber incidents? To be resilient in the face of the inevitable, reach out to us through the details provided below.

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