Junior Odoo Developer Required

VAELL is building and ERP system for business process automation using Odoo framework and is looking for a Junior developer to join the team. The applicant will be based at our Naivasha office located at Buffalo Mall.

The job will involve enhancement of our Odoo ERP as well as revamp of the website to connect to the ERP for content and customer management. The Odoo ERP should be able to handle all work flow with minimum effort and automate where no human intervention is required.

Other desired qualities of the candidate are: 

  •        Quick to learn and adapt
  •        Excellent communication skills and does not require frequent follow up
  •        At least 1 yr experience in Odoo development
  •        You should be ready to demo other Odoo projects you have worked on
  •        Familiar with gitlab and Digital Ocean
VAELL Leasing
www.vaell.com, www.quipbank.com
Naivasha, KE