Do you like tech but don't necessarily want to code? Apply for our opening as a Technical Writer!

We are Touch Inspiration; a fully remote software agency, with developers located in various cities around the country!

We're excited to be accepting applications, as we look for a few members to join our growing team. 

If you like tech, and like writing, don't really care to code, but don't know how to make this combination work in the software industry, then we have the perfect job for you. 

A technical writer's tasks will be:

  1. Documenting the product owners' ideas into user stories
  2. Documenting the code written into a user manual. 

If you love tinkering with tech, love using your imagination, but don't want to code, then this is the job for you.

We look forward to recieving your applications and chatting with you soon.

Good Luck!

How to Apply

Technical Writer:

  1. Please note that this is a FULL TIME position.
  2. This is not a programming position but you'll be responsible for charting the success path of the project through documentation. You'll also be required to document the company.
  3. Please be inquisitive about tech.
  4. Please be a writer with unbridled imagination.
  5. If interested, please apply here.
Touch Inspiration
, KE