Backend (API) Developer

Savannah Informatics is a healthcare technology firm. We make software for healthcare, with our work spanning the entire domain.

Our Stack

Most of our API services are written in Python and Go:

  • REST and GraphQL APIs written in Python/Django/Django REST Framework and Go
  • Deployment on Debian/Debian derivative Linux servers, using Ansible for configuration management. The day to day development is done on various flavours of *NIX; with a range from MacOS to Arch Linux. A thorough knowledge of Linux is necessary for survival. We are evolving slowly towards containerized deployment.
  • PostgreSQL as the database of choice; although we don’t shy away from tangling with Oracle or SQL Server when a client’s requirements demand so


The ideal candidate for this position:

  • Has experience developing REST and GraphQL APIs in Python/Go/C#/Java
  • Has experience with a configuration management tool e.g Chef, Puppet, Ansible etc
  • Has experience working with containers and container orchestration tools
  • Has experience writing automated tests at all levels - unit, integration and acceptance testing
  • Has experience with CI/CD (any CI/CD platform)

Are you the one we are looking for?

We are looking for motivated and independent thinking developers. The ideal candidate for us is a quick learner, able to pick up the nuances of a complex domain fast. They are intellectually curious and have done many interesting things, even without being paid to do them.

We are open to candidates with “unconventional tech” backgrounds e.g non technical degrees, self taught developers etc. If you believe that you have serious and relevant skills (despite your unconventional background), and can prove it, we’d like to hear from you.

Your lack of work experience (or the converse) will not be a handicap if you can demonstrate possession of the skills we need, a winning attitude, and the ability to learn fast.

Our culture is informal but fast paced. We value rapid feedback, and speak freely, with team members’ input valued the same regardless of their rank. We expect anyone joining us to be comfortable with our pace and the frank style of communication.

How will the recruitment process work?

These positions are open to fresh graduates with limited experience. For that reason, the evaluation process will be rigorous.

  • As soon as you get past the resume shortlisting, we’ll send you a “handbook” that outlines our desired core competencies. When you are ready (within two weeks of being shortlisted), you’ll go through an online skill assessment. This will involve working through a short task (less than two hours) with a facilitator.
  • Traditional reference checks etc will occur after this stage. Candidates who get past this will go into an induction program - focused on teaching them our domain and the nitty-gritty of our technical stack.

How to Apply

Please send a single page resume to [email protected] and indicate the title of the position that you are applying for in the subject . Your resume should include links to any publicly available examples of your work e.g your code repository

Savannah Informatics Limited
Nairobi, KE