Delivery Manager & Agile Lead


FrontlineSMS is a cloud & offline SMS management and message automation software. Our software started as an open-source, desktop-based SMS management app in 2005. We have since evolved into a powerful, flexible, and highly configurable cloud-based messaging automation platform backed by a mature rule engine with flexible APIs.

For 15 years, thousands of people, organizations, and companies have used our platform to educate children, lead communities, optimize hospitals, to save money and save lives. We love working with our users every day across the world for various use cases and messaging campaigns.

FrontlineSMS is built with the ambitious goal of ensuring that our tools can provide every use case for SMS automation in a user-friendly and intuitive way. Implementing this is the job of our inquisitive and skillful production team.

That’s where we want you, our new Delivery Manager and Agile Lead, to come in.

As our first-ever Delivery Manager and Agile Lead, you will lead our Nairobi-based production team in process, prioritisation, and improvement of our existing products -- FrontlineSMS and FrontlineSync --, and guide on how best to deliver client and roadmap commitments. As the agile lead, you will work closely with colleagues in complementary roles to design, prioritize, and execute a product roadmap. You will have full control over our scrum and kanban processes to ensure FrontlineSMS remains the best at what it does.


We are looking for someone who is experienced and interested in digital production and is passionate about technology -- and importantly the processes around how to make the world’s best technologies -- to join our very talented team in taking our powerful platform to the next level.

As agile lead, you are experienced in all aspects of production not only related to the agile manifesto (which you’ll know and have opinions on) but also how it works practically for each unique team.  We embrace the idea of recognising when something does not work and encourage a mindset of experimentation, using a blended approach depending on the context.

We expect you will have experience in:

  • Working within or running teams using scrum

  • Sprints, grooming, retrospectives, estimating effort, effective standups, facilitating design sessions

  • Kanban and lean theory

  • Implementing new processes, and highlighting possible improvements to existing processes - you can identify and compare the best delivery methods to use

  • Managing projects and budgets, and understanding how project deliverables map to estimated tech team development tickets

  • Measuring and evaluating outcomes, helping teams to manage and visualise outcomes

We are combining this role with that of a delivery manager, so you have the autonomy to achieve your goals and fully support the team across the following areas:

  • Interpret technical and client stakeholders, managing their expectations with proactive and reactive communication. You can facilitate difficult discussions within the team when needed

  • Support our roadmap by recognising when to move from one stage of a product life cycle to another

  • Facilitate the team's delivery flow, manage the pace, and keep momentum both within sprints and outside of them. Addressing internal and external risks, issues and dependencies including where ownership exists outside the team

  • Add value and coach the organisation to inspect and adapt processes, guiding the team through the implementation of any new process

  • Prioritise the most important or highest value tasks when planning, using what data we have. It is crucial to manage complex internal and external dependencies and that the team plans appropriately against their capacity

  • Provide delivery confidence whilst also removing blockers or impediments that affect plans and can develop a plan for difficult situations


This is a very autonomous role within a very independent team structure. The role definition above provides a lot of information about your duties, with a few examples listed here:

  • Run our daily standups, set up our retrospectives, manage our sprint burndown charts, and all of our other existing agile processes

  • Improve on what we have right now - production processes are always changing and once you are clear on how we do things now you will have the autonomy to improve them

  • Generally lead our dev team in their day-to-day work using our agile tools and methods, including daily standups and retrospectives, Jira, Trello, GitHub and Slack

  • Bring people together to form a motivated team. You create the right environment for teamwork and empower people to deliver. You recognise and deal with issues.

  • Input into our DevOps efforts: maintaining and improving our continuous integration and delivery approaches and AWS infrastructure

  • Oversee the quality of scoping/grooming discussions, to ensure our ambitious, iterative platform improvements result in as few bugs as possible, high-quality and up-to-date documentation, and eliminates other forms of technical debt

  • Proactively take part in supporting the platform – as well as its users, and in the identification and development of new features.

  • Take input from the CTO, product owner, and lead developer to ensure our product and roadmap are focused on the most relevant needs of our users

  • Through estimation, measurement of delivery and detailed reporting, support the predictable momentum of implementation work, allowing for scheduling of client-funded work around our team deadlines

  • Learn, support and build onto our existing DevOps technologies and processes.

  • Actively participate in communications on Slack


You’ll be well-rounded and experienced in all things development, communication, small team and proactive working. Specifically we’re thinking:

  • Experience working with dev team(s) in an agile environment. We are aware that there are many good agile set ups and prefer someone with strong practical knowledge or opinion in effectively using Scrum or Kanban

  • You are curious and innovative – as part of the culture, we define our own processes and ways of working across the entire company.

  • You are open and willing to learn – our platform is powerful and complex as it has undergone years of development to constantly improve it.

  • You're a model team player - you like to ask questions, as well as answer them with the knowledge that this will ultimately contribute to the team’s success


  • This is a full-time role based in our Nairobi office with options to manage your work location (WFH FTW) around you and what you need to do

  • We’re a small team mostly based in Nairobi, with a few of us in the US and UK.

  • We're a 15-year old organization in perpetual startup mode. We always encourage new ideas, maintain a flat management structure, and offer lots of autonomy

  • For the right client you may have a chance to travel, so have your passport ready

  • Health insurance

  • Flexible working hours based around common sense and your out of work needs

  • We’ll provide a nice laptop for you

  • We work hard together, and you'll have always have the invite to join lunches, happy hours, and off-site adventures - or not, as works for you

  • Generous annual leave allowance, which we encourage you to use!

How to Apply

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk to you! Email us at [email protected] with 

  • An introduction to who you are and why you’d be a good fit at FrontlineSMS

  • A CV (Tip: we prefer CVs that are only 2-3 pages at most, focusing more on projects and achievements, rather than those featuring large lists of acronyms and certifications - this way it’s much easier for us humans to read and understand just how great you are!) 

Compensation is competitive (and commensurate with your experience) and so are we.