Senior Django developer at Inuua Tujenge

Inuua is a startup based in Nairobi that wants to transform the informal building sector by leveraging technology to enable those building their own homes to have a less painful, more cost-effective journey.

Inuua believes owning a home ‘lifts’ an individuals mindset to further wealth creation. 

We are looking for a talented and creative senior web developer to join Inuua. You will work on a nascent platform that is developed on the Django web framework.

As one of the first employees at Inuua, you’ll be in control of your destiny as well as being an instrumental influence in shaping our culture and direction. We work hard and play nicely to ensure our daily environment is a happy, open and collaborative place.

You will be one of the lead developers on the project, and as such will need to be able to work independently, and to communicate well with other members of the team. Translating business and functional requirements into software development goals will be a key responsibility.

You will need:

  • excellent written English;
  • a degree, from any discipline;
  • at least two years’ experience working with the Django web framework;
  • knowledge of basic client-side web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript);
  • experience with Git (or another distributed source control management system).

Experience with technologies such as AI-powered image recognition and location APIs is an advantage.

You will get:

  • Competitive salary, negotiable based on experience;
  • Medical cover;
  • Full time employment;
  • 21 days of holiday a year.

How to Apply

Your application must include links to your public developer profiles, e.g., Github, Bitbucket or Stack Overflow and a 2 page CV in PDF format.

Send your application to [email protected]

Nairobi, KE