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Tiny Totos Kenya (TTK) is a Kenyan registered company pursuing a scalable and financially self-sustaining model for creating a network of standard-setting, independent preschool daycares in the slums of Nairobi.   We work with individual entrepreneurs to upgrade their businesses and ensure that they provide affordable, safe and stimulating daycare services while enjoying growing profits from their business.

We collect a wide range of data to prove the impact of our work.  The data ranges from income, attendance, health, nutrition, loan repayment and product acquisition and daycare payment patterns.  We have recently designed a phone based app to make the work of the daycare managers we partner with easier.  The majority lack any form of registration or accounts system for recording information about the children who attend their daycares.  As services tend to be paid on a daily not term or annual basis, they need to keep accounts of the cash payments made for days of daycare, meals or late pick up – without a robust system to do this with they often lose money, find themselves in conflict with parents over payments due, or even fail to track down parents in times of need.  With the app, they are able to register the children who attend their daycares and their parents’ or guardian’s key contact numbers, and register daily payments for services.  This helps them keep track of their clients and revenues, understand how much they are making on a monthly basis, and allows us instant insights into how well their businesses are performing and the payment patterns of the clients who attend them.

Tiny Totos  is currently looking for a field tech officer to support the process of app adoption by our partners in the field.  While the app has been designed through close consultation with the users, 100% user adoption (i.e. using the app as an absolute substitute to paper) has not been achieved to date due to many factors, primary of which being the fact that we have not had anyone dedicated full time to supporting them in this process.  We are looking to hire a consultant experienced in tech, phone and app adoption processes, who is comfortable working in informal settlements.  As this person would primarily be working with women entrepreneurs of micro childcare businesses female candidates are especially encouraged to apply (though we are open to suitable male applicants too).  In addition to helping managers adopt the app, we are looking for individuals able to identify and articulate technical challenges with the app that might be preventing adoption beyond users themselves, to feed them back to our team and the developers who designed it.

While this position is envisaged as a 3 month consultancy, we will build in a review process at the end of the 3 month period to consider whether a) the consultancy should be renewed for another 3 months or b) there might even be potential for exceptional candidates to be brought on full time into the team.  This is a unique opportunity for an intrepid computer scientist keen to get frontline experience in impact oriented technology applications.  Graduates in statistics or a related field with tech and data skills keen to acquire hands on experience in the workplace of the theory of data collection and analysis are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Job Description: Tech Consultant


TTK Westlands office / TTK Buru Buru office / Eastlands partner daycares

Reports to



Duties & responsibilities

The core duties and responsibilities of the Tech Officer are:

  • Support adoption of the app by the daycare owners TTK partners with?.
  • Identify, report, troubleshoot where possible challenges or obstacles preventing adoption of the app by partners.


Additional responsibilities include

  • Making the wellbeing of the children at the daycare a key priority. 
  • Respecting the daycare managers, time, superiors, instructions.
  • Being proactive in suggesting improvements to systems, and in working to understand the rationale and process for the app and correlated data collection systems. 
  • Assist TTK and daycare staff to identify ways for improving the app; to assist in training up daycare staff to use the same where needed.
  • Represent TTK and Tiny Totos to the public, meetings at all times in a dignified, articulate manner.
  • Provide any other support that may be reasonably be required and requested by the TTK COO or CEO.


Experience & personal qualities

  • Communication skills in both Kiswahili and English.
  • Practical work experience in software design and app management.
  • A first degree in computer science.  Experience in data science or statistics a plus.
  • Good written English to a standard that can be submitted for donor review.
  • Competent computer skills especially in data base systems.
  • A self-starter, with initiative.
  • Excellent organizational and presentation skills, flexibility and an ability to prioritize. 
  • An individual with pronounced interpersonal skills, skilled at building and maintaining relationships, with an ability to command attention and respect, and an ability to be respectful in return.
  • A team player who can work well with colleagues from different backgrounds.
  • Maturity, confidentiality and respect.



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Tiny Totos Kenya
Nairobi, KE