Applicant tracking system and recruiting software For Small to Medium Sized Businesses

The recruiting process in Africa is broken! It's super manual, laborious and very costly, making it difficult and expensive for employers to attract and convert higher-quality candidates. At KaziQuest we are on a mission to solve this problem.

If you’re unfamiliar with KaziQuest- a Nairobi based startup, our solution helps businesses in the recruiting space (eliminates the need to copy and paste between apps by using AI to automate manual tasks) with three main goals:

  • Decrease time to hire
  • Decrease recruiting costs
  • Increase the quality of hires

We offer a cloud-based candidate management solution with a modern Applicant Tracking System, AI-Powered Job Listing Service, and a Talent Network. KaziQuest's AI solution provides candidates and employers with an enhanced talent acquisition experience. Instead of relying on simple keyword searches that are often plagued by company jargon or typos, our solution uses ML technology to better understand job content and jobseeker intent. 

Our enterprise-grade applicant tracking software will help you streamline your entire hiring process, from tracking, screening, and evaluating candidates to collaborating with hiring teams from one central platform.  

Replace labour-intensive spreadsheets with a modern applicant tracking system. Evaluate faster and hire great talent whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

  • Capture and track applicants seamlessly
  • Scheduling and coordination of interviews
  • Search past candidates and rediscover great prospects for new job openings
  • Collaborate with hiring teams through chat
  • Search past candidates and rediscover great prospects for new job openings
  • Manage candidates throughout the recruiting process
  • Candidate communication with email campaigns
  • Reports and analytics to measure your hiring speed and identify bottlenecks


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How to Apply

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  • Once your profile is complete, our recruitment team will be able to match your experience to suitable roles. We will only use your details to tell you about job opportunities.
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