Join the Skills2Grow “Career Start Accelerator Programme”, a 6-Months program for self-driven graduates. It offers graduates the perfect opportunity to transition into the job market and to kick-start their careers in the corporate world in key areas of Business Development and Marketing.

The Skills2Grow Career Start Accelerator Programme is a paid opportunity for young graduates and is the first stepping stone of your career as a young professional.

The Career Start Accelerator Program provides personalized mentoring and coaching for individuals. It contains exhaustive personalized competency analysis including technical skills and soft skills applied in interviews. The program spans up to 6 months. Our NITA CERTIFIED trainers from different industries provide you with comprehensive training sessions based on your strengths, weaknesses and future career preference, which will greatly increase your competitiveness in the job market. 

The program guarantees an internship offer from our partner companies upon completion of the 6 weeks of training.


Established in 2016, Yusudi is a social enterprise that equips recent graduates who are youths with 21st-century work skills to make them highly employable. We do this by equipping you with life skills and business skills training. On top of this, we offer you a paid internship in one of our partner companies. We brag of a success rate of 87% post-internship employment rate, thanks to the personalized coaching we provide to our trainees.


You can expect: 

  • A 6 Week high-level skills training designed to develop your professional skill set. All the workshops will teach transferable skills, designed to be beneficial across a range of industries and career paths, but also give information and advice specific to the employer. 

  • 5 Months PAID Internship placement (monthly stipend) in one of our partner companies designed to lead to long-term employment (87% recruitment rate)

  • Exclusive access to company facilities, and an inside look at the structure and culture of various employers 

  • An opportunity to mingle with and gain advice from recent graduates and key recruiters.

  • Certificate upon successful completion of the program

  • On job coaching during the training and at the internship level

  • Lifelong opportunity to be part of a professional alumni community

We focus on developing your business skills and soft skills through:

  1. Workshops, guest speakers, and online training. 

  2. Up-skilling in areas you have basic skills but don't feel comfortable enough. 

  3. A PAID Internship in a company that we have pre-selected

During the last part of the program, we support you in gaining skills to sell yourself to companies or to set yourself up as an entrepreneur.


We are looking for ambitious and talented graduates, who hold a university degree/diploma in any field and have at least 3 months of work experience. Above all, we like to have driven, proactive graduates with a passion for the business sector and with the desire to make a difference. 

The application criteria are as follows: 

  • You should be a youth between the ages of 18 - 34

  • You must be willing to learn and commit to the 6-week training and the 5 months of internship. 

  • You must be a Nairobi resident or are willing to move to Nairobi.

  • You must commit to attending ALL the training sessions, except in cases of evidenced illness or emergency. 

  • Bachelors/Diploma in any background

INTERESTS: Business Development, Sales, Digital Marketing and Marketing

Nairobi, KE