Ecommerce Data Engineering Lead at Kasha

We for a looking for a senior data engineer to lead the development of Kasha’s next generation data and reporting platform. You have multiple years of experience working on ecommerce data, analytics and reporting platforms. This person is passionate about developing data strategies to drive the business forward and lead its implementation across multiple teams and organizations.

The ideal candidate brings an intense inquisitiveness to the table. You drive to pose questions and hunt down solutions, and in so doing to unearth information that could transform our business. You focus relentlessly on understanding our data and slice and dice it to enable new business insights.

You are a self-starter, work independently without much guidance, and have experience working with geographically distributed teams.


Kasha Technologies LTD

About Kasha

Kasha is a fast-growing startup e-commerce company in East Africa focused on women’s health and personal care, selling products such as menstrual care, contraceptives, soaps, lotions, baby diapers, and beauty products.

Kasha’s e-commerce is highly accessible across the region and customers can order via the website, app, USSD (basic mobile phone, no internet), call center or social media. On top of the consumer business, Kasha’s business includes market insight, analytics and service offerings to global manufacturers of FMCG, Pharma and Beauty products with the aim of helping them drive their revenue and market penetration.

We are a purpose-driven company, and our mission is to disrupt and democratize access to women’s health products, services and information for women of all socioeconomic levels in urban and rural areas of developing countries.

The company was founded in July 2016 in Rwanda and expanded into Kenya in the first half of 2018. Kasha strives to one day serve millions of women around the world in emerging markets. For more information visit

Key Responsibilities

  1. As Kasha’s lead data engineer, you are responsible leading the development of Kasha’s next generation data platform;
  2. Provide our business teams and leadership with the metrics they need to successful run their businesses. You are a great communicator and actively collaborate with stakeholders to provide them continuously with new data insights to accelerate meeting their business goals. You are critical to business success and relentless in providing data insight and ensuring our data availability and free of errors;
  3. Provide business intelligence reports; analyze data to extract relevant business and customer information; visualize data to optimally support business owners in operating their businesses;
  4. Recommend new and better ways of collecting and reporting data about our business and customers;
  5. Provide mechanisms to continuously monitor and improve data quality and accuracy;
  6. Design database reporting schema; aggregate and consolidate data from live database in rollup tables;
  7. Ensure database and data warehouse performance and availability;
  8. Apply machine learning techniques to provide new data insights;


Desired Qualifications

  1. Experience developing and leading data strategies across disciplines and organizations;
  2. Expert in analyzing and visualizing business data;
  3. Expert with SQL based technologies like PostgreSQL and MySQL; PL/SQL or TSQL or PL/PgSql is a plus
  4. Expert in designing and operating relational database systems;
  5. Experience building data warehousing solutions and ETL jobs;
  6. Experience programming Java, R and Python, unit testing and source control (e.g. Git);
  7. Familiarity with Linux environments (Debian), especially Ubuntu;
  8. Experience analyzing data using MS Excel;
  9. Experience with machine learning is a plus;
  10. NoSQL technologies like Cassandra and MongoDB is a plus;
  11. Experience with Hadoop-based technologies like MapReduce, Hive, and Pig is a plus;
  12. Experience with AWS data services are a plus;
  13. Fluency in the English language is a must, written and verbally;
  14. Minimum education of a bachelor’s degree in quantitative field such as statistics, mathematics, operational research, computer science, economics, engineering, or equivalent experience is required;
Kasha Technologies Ltd
Nairobi, KE