UI/UX Designer

About Lipa Later:

Lipa Later Limited is a financial service provider based in Kenya and Rwanda that offers payment plans for consumers and businesses looking to buy and sell products and services in monthly installments.

Why Work With Us?

Our Impact

Success at Lipa Later means making life more affordable for our clients. Through joining our team, you will not only contribute towards the development of innovative products, but also play a crucial role in helping businesses, and individuals acquire the crucial items necessary to achieve their goals. 

Professional Development

Our proprietary algorithmic credit scoring is on course to have a huge impact on consumer credit markets by improving the accuracy of creditworthiness assessment, thereby increasing the accessibility of credit from mainstream lenders. As we are looking to approve an even larger volume of applications, we apply different machine learning techniques such as Default prediction, confusion matrix and behavioral scoring. By joining our tech team, you will have the opportunity to build out systems and tackle complex problems that few organizations in Kenya, and indeed Africa are working on.

Our Team

By joining our organization, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from a diverse team of talented engineers who have built software that goes beyond borders, and across different sectors, ranging from agriculture to machine learning.

About the Role:

Lipa Later is looking to recruit a UI/UX designer who will be in charge of the look and feel of the products developed by the organization. They will also be responsible for thinking through the User Journey for all products developed by the tech team. 

Your responsibilities will include: 

  • Leading brainstorming and Ideation during the product creation cycle.
  • Prototype products developed by the Tech team.
  • Quick iteration on changes in the product cycle.
  • Working with the organizations in house engineers to ensure that designs created to match up with the products being built.
  • Developing innovative solutions for a multitude of platforms including Android, iPhone, social media campaigns and other emerging technologies.
  • During the product development phase, maintain a good balance between business outcomes and user needs.
  • Develop a wide range of visual deliverables corresponding to your practice area: key insights documentation, affinity diagrams, user personas, research plans, prototypes, and visual design concepts are all examples of documentation we produce on a daily basis.

 Who we are looking for:

  • You are adaptable and can work on various projects with different timeframes.
  • You are capable of working. 
  • You excited about design thinking and can conduct. 
  • You are willing to learn, and open to feedback.
  • Past experience rolling out a product is an added advantage.
  • You have past experience collaborating with other engineers to build products.
  • You learn quickly and ask don’t shy away from asking questions.
  • The ability to convert designs and wireframes into basic CSS and HTML code will be an added advantage.
  • You are proficient with a variety of design tools including Adobe Creative Suite, OmniGraffle, Visio or equivalent.
  • You communicate clearly and concisely through both written and verbal means.
Lipa Later
Nairobi, KE