Operations Engineer

We are passionate technologists who believe in making a difference to the lives of those living in emerging markets. We aim to change the landscape of finance and remittance.

The BitPesa development team is a group of engineers from around the world that have the ability to work together to solve complex problems and provide simple solutions for our customers. We value collaboration during the development process and listen to input from conception of ideas all the way until they are finished. We value people who are keen on learning new technologies through their career.

We are looking for an Operations Engineer who can help our ever-growing team in moving our infrastructure to a more automated environment and making sure it is performant and available to our customers. Our Engineering headquarters are located in London, however we also have offices and some engineers working in Nairobi and Lagos and will happily consider candidates in any of these locations.



  • Develop, deploy and maintain the BitPesa large Amazon AWS based cloud solution
  • Deploy, automate, maintain, troubleshoot and improve the systems that keep the backend infrastructure running smoothly
  • Deploy automated tools such as Terraform, Kubernetes and Container based continuous delivery
  • Maintain best practice cloud security principles in line with ISO27001 certification
  • System troubleshooting and problem solving across platform and application domains
  • Suggesting architecture improvements, recommending process improvement



  • Good knowledge of software deployment tooling and orchestration.
  • Good knowledge of databases systems, especially PostgreSQL.
  • Good knowledge of cloud providers, especially AWS.
  • Familiarity with deploying and managing applications on the cloud in an automated way.
  • Familiarity with logging, monitoring and alerting tools.
  • Familiarity with the agile development methodology specifically Scrum.
  • General knowledge of Linux/Unix systems.
  • A strong and flexible work ethic.
  • Excellent communication skills.


  • Good knowledge of working with Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  • Good knowledge of using automated testing frameworks such as RSpec
  • Good knowledge of source control using Git
  • Familiarity with DevOps principles, especially the 12 Factor App and Infrastructure as Code
  • Familiarity with container architecture, especially Docker
  • Familiarity with provisioning and deployment tools like Chef, Ansible or Terraform
  • Familiarity with ISO27001 requirements
  • Preference to participate in pair-programming and using GitHub pull requests to review code of others
  • Confidence in refactoring and working with both new and existing codebases


  • Competitive salary
  • Casual work environment
  • Great work-life balance
  • We value autonomy
  • Environmental-friendly (we try to use as less paper as possible!)
  • Opportunity for growth for all our employees
  • …and more!
BitPesa Limited
Nairobi, KE