Mobile App Developer: Menstrual Health Digital Learning Application


Huru International is a non-profit established in 2008, motivated by a simple vision of a world where no girl misses school because of her period. Huru produces and distributes re-usable sanitary pads during health education and life skills workshops throughout East Africa. Huru programmes are designed to keep vulnerable girls in school and increase community awareness about menstrual health, creating supportive environments for adolescent girls in schools, homes, and the communities.

Huru, through funding from AmplifyChange, is seeking to create a digital learning platform to enhance its menstrual education outreach with both girls and their caregivers.


The primary task of this engagement is to develop and pilot an innovative digital learning experience that allows girls between the ages of 10-18, as well as their parents/caregivers to learn about menstrual health in a fun, effective and interactive way.

A mobile app will be designed to teach menstrual health and life skills lessons using interactive games and activities. It should also include a platform for live chats and Q&A, and live educational sessions, using both video and audio features. The app will also need to track user progress and knowledge-gain, most-used features and time spent in particular sections of the app, and user feedback, all of which should easily integrate with Huru’s current data system (excel or SPSS). The content for this app will be drawn from government approved curricula. 

In addition to a mobile app, developers will help Huru develop a corresponding SMS platform for parents and caregivers who do not have access to smart phones.

Once these digital platforms have been developed, they will be piloted in and around Nairobi. Findings from the pilot will be disseminated to key stakeholders in Kenya, especially those in the areas of menstrual health, adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights, water sanitation and hygiene, and life skills.


Huru is seeking to contract a mobile developer, preferably a registered entity, to develop both the mobile app and a corresponding USSD platform.  

Competencies and Qualification

The ideal developer should be innovative with a strong background in developing mobile platforms and digital applications with a working knowledge of global health issues. More specifically, they should demonstrate:

  • Proven experience in conducting assignments of similar nature;
  • Proven record of innovation and creativity;
  • Experience with app development involving animated graphics and game-based activities;
  • Good conceptual understanding of issues relating to youth (especially young women), such as menstrual health, sexual and reproductive health, and life skills;
  • Record of on time performance;
  • Experience working with NGOs, multilateral organizations, or the Kenyan government is an advantage;
  • Experience related to menstrual health or youth sexual and reproductive health and rights is an advantage.


The development of this application is scheduled to take place in the months of June and July 2019. The developer will also need to be available for troubleshooting during the pilot phase between July and September of 2019.


The mobile app will be developed off site but the developing team must be readily available for consultation with Huru during work hours. Meetings can be held at the developer’s site or at Huru International’s office in Nairobi. Location will be according to Huru’s discretion. The final product shall be transferred to Huru international with all associated passwords and access codes.

Huru International
Nairobi, KE