About Nakala Analytics

Nakala Analytics Ltd is a data analytics startup company specializing in Business Analytics and Data Engineering operating in Kenya. We develop and implement decision support tools that help smart businesses analyze data efficiently and effectively. We are seeking for an experienced SOFTWARE DEVELOPER DATA SYSTEMS to work with us. This role provides exposure to internal workings of analytical models deployment and at the same time challenges one’s technical quotient on how to extend these internal models to run them for large scale use cases. As a Data Developer, you will contribute in driving innovation in the data science and automation space. Perfect for those interested in big data processing and automation using python. We love effective, simple code and challenge each other on quality.

The candidate is expected to have a passion for debating over the whiteboard and think a few years ahead. This was, you have an opportunity to build a forward-looking cluster of technology-based tools and continue to evolve the tech stack using the best tools the industry has to offer.The job requires hands on experience with mission critical production systems, working under tight deadlines and proving appropriate support

Nakala Analytics Ltd
Nairobi, KE