Project KE

We believe that solving problems are men true purpose , and the combination of the right people is the key to solving our world's biggest problems .We are looking for you to be part of our team . 

Project Ke Basic famework :

  • Mobile Applications

    • Dart Based development (Flutter Material Based Designs for respective Mobile OS)

    • iOS

    • Android

  • Web Based Applications

    • Content Management System (Client Backend UI)

    • Account Management System (End User Frontend UI)

    • Systems Manager Admin Interface

  • Passpoint (Hotspot 2.0)

    • WIFI Mesh capable

  • Streaming Server

    • WOWZA

      • DRM capabilities

      • HTML5 compatible players

  • Analytics

    • HTML5 Based video player

      • JW Player

      • FL Player

  • Cloud Services

    • Handling of authentication and monetization services

      • Global System Passpoint API access via App

      • Ticket Management

    • Hosting

      • AWS

      • Content Storage (S3)

      • Azure

  • Monetization

    • Revive Ad-Server

    • Inline Advertisement


How to Apply

 Send one paragraph and portfolio to [email protected]


Nairobi, KE