Senior Software Engineer at EIDU


You will be interested in EIDU, if you would like to do something about the inequality that is created by social and geographic differences and believe that access to education should be unconditional as a way to solve our world’s inequality.

What we believe at EIDU: Every child should be given the chance to develop their full intellectual potential and thus be able to change his or her own future. We found a solution that the poorest can afford, but it comes with unique challenges.


You will be interested in EIDU, if you are excited about solving those tough, unconventional challenges.

What we do at EIDU: We have created an app that helps all 40 children of a regular classroom in a Kenyan slum to learn autonomously, and all of that on a single $40 smartphone. Most of our users, including the teachers have never used a smartphone before. They have limited mobile connectivity and access to WiFi. This creates unique technological challenges along with the challenge of ensuring effective learning under these conditions.


You will be interested in EIDU, if you enjoy working in a multicultural, respectful and non-discriminatory environment.

Who we are: We are not a traditionally organized company. At EIDU, we solve issues with a sense of community. You will be joining passionate colleagues, who support and challenge each other to achieve the great goal we have set out for. We offer great flexibility regarding working hours, vacations, and the place of your work. We focus on results, not time spent in the office. Our main office is in Berlin, and we set up another office in Kenya to ensure that our solution works for our users.


You: We are currently looking for experienced Software Engineers. We define that by you having a proven ability to design and implement a complex system by yourself or by leading a team. We believe that a strong Software Engineer can eventually be comfortable with any software system and should be given the time to learn it. For our current technologies, we use Unity and C# for our client; Python, AWS, Jenkins & Ansible for our backend;. We are open to new ideas on what we do and how we do it.

How to Apply

If you like what you read, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Nairobi, KE