Back-end engineer (PHP)

Job description

We’re looking for a back-end engineer to build web applications using PHP in a studio environment. While you will primarily write code to give logic and drive to our UIs, this opportunity will also challenge you to collaborate with strategists, designers, and other developers in producing great products and user experiences for our clients’ and their end users..


What we're looking for

This is your jam if you have:

  • broad experience writing in PHP (2+ years)

  • great experience writing in JavaScript (2+ years)

  • quite good mastery of SQL manipulation (MySQL, MariaDB; 2+ years)

  • experience identifying code complexity, designing alternatives, and/or refactoring code

  • experience leveraging unit, integration, and end-to-end tests


What we value

You're going to be a good fit if you can:

  1. be involved in broader technology strategy conversations

  2. take ownership of software development on projects

  3. exhibit good practical judgement in your development work

  4. provide technical advice and guidance along the production chain

  5. communicate fluently in English (speaking and writing)

  6. demonstrate responsibility, empathy, humility, patience, and a decent heart rate



Or is it "goods to have"? Your application will earn you extra credit if your qualifications can demonstrate more than a passing knowledge of:

  • Symfony

  • VueJS

  • Python


Technologies we use

  • Symfony

  • Twig

  • PHPStorm

  • Composer

  • VueJS

  • SequelPro

  • Node.JS

  • Elastic

  • Jenkins

  • Git

  • Jira


How to Apply

Is this you?

Great! Start gathering whatever information and documents you believe are relevant to this application: resume/CV, links to previous projects, code samples, personal projects, code challenge badges, hackathon trophies, video testimonials, academic certificates, etc.

Send your application to [email protected] with your name appended in parenthesses to the subject “Application: Back-end Engineer” before February 9th, 2019.


About Circle

We're a boutique digital design and development agency made up of a seasoned group of stategists, developers, and designers. We help our clients build web applications that offer utility, precision, and a bit of joy to their customers.

With one foot in Kenya and the other in the United Kingdom, we work with clients from a wide range of sectors (banking, education, retail, insurance, news media, talent management, publication, film production, non-profit... you get the gist) from all over the world.


Application checklist

  • resume/CV

  • one-page cover letter

  • links to projects you've worked on

  • 3 references


Nairobi, KE