Global Analytics Manager (GAM)

Triggerise seeks a Global Analytics Manager (GAM) to ensure the effective analysis, triangulation, and use of the business’s data and create meaningful insights and business intelligence that help us to make better decisions that will improve the design, implementation, monitoring and risk management of the various programs that we implement in each country in which we operate. The position will be based in Nairobi, Kenya


Who we are:


Triggerise is a growing non-profit headquartered in The Netherlands, with offices in South Africa, Portugal, India, Ethiopia, and Kenya. We are an analytics driven non-profit social enterprise that builds scalable solutions, using mobile technologies, to deliver resources to base of pyramid communities. We employ a peer-to-peer approach that connects consumers to local small businesses—giving them both the power to access and to deliver aid on their own terms. Building on these relationships, we specialize in user centric motivation platforms that nudge consumers to make positive choices—helping them to overcome individual barriers as they arise while adding value back into their economies.


The key role of the GAM is to support teams in each country in which we operate to better utilize data and information to design, execute, monitor and manage risk as well as improve program outcomes and impact.   The GAM will serve as the link between Product Owners and technical teams to ensure the platforms monitor and generate key performance and outcome indicators and performance data that drives decision making. This includes providing support on identifying and designing new dashboards, building capacity to utilize, analyse and triangulate data and information for improving and monitoring implementation of our programs in the various countries that we operate.  The GAM will report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and work in close collaboration with the Global Operations Lead (GOL) and the Data Product Owner.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:


  1. Lead the design and creation of targeted reports and dashboards that provide insight and enable sound decision-making for each of our markets that we operate in.

  2. Develop data analytic standards, tools, and workflows that will be used across markets and programs.

  3. Lead the development of new data driven approaches that generate insights through data analytics and information visualization.

  4. Identifying bottlenecks and solutions between markets needs and the Data Teams prioritization of solutions. Be the connector for Country Leads in troubleshooting data issues, linking to Data Product Owner, and New Business Development Lead.

  5. Developing and disseminating reports to share learnings, successes, and challenges across markets.

  6. Build capacity of country teams to successfully apply platform data analytics for User Experience (UX) design improvements, monitoring, decision making and mitigate risk.

  7. Support county teams to create high quality analyses for all functions of county operations and in the definition of metrics that track performance across functions.


Key Success Indicators:


  1. Data analytics standards, tools, and process flows developed and demonstrate improved execution.

  2. Self-learning modules and tools increase managers ability to deep dive into the data to quickly monitor risk.

  3. Data Analysts(DA), Administrators and Managers in each market have been onboarded and using the standards and tools.

  4. Demonstrated improvement of DAs’ performance providing accurate data analytics that managers use to improve project design and funding proposals incorporating User Experience (UX) and Behaviour Economics from feasibility to development and to execution.

  5. Country Teams have the data analytics process flow, tools and capacity to demonstrate risk mitigation.


Required Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

The successful candidate should have:  The appropriate technical and data science degrees, proficiency of using and applying digital and data systems to improve operations.  The ideal candidate will have more than 5 years demonstrated experience in managing teams and building their capacity to be curious and effective in using data for decision making.   Examples of developing and applying data dashboards, visualizing analytics, standards and tools that have improved the implementation and operations across organization functions and teams.


  • Commitment to the mission, vision, and theory of change of Triggerise, and an advocate of informed sexual reproductive choices.

  • Ability to embrace and apply technology tools and apps for data triangulation.

  • Passion for human interactions, especially in cross-cultural and social settings.

  • Great verbal and written communication skills.

  • Willingness to work in autonomy / with limited supervision.

  • Data visualization and data visualization tools such as tableau

  • Demonstrated success in developing and executing data analytics that leads to improved project dashboard to decision making, design, monitoring, and risk mitigation.

  • Demonstrate strong working knowledge of reporting tools such as Tableau, or any similar tools

  • Exceptional computer skills and demonstrate proficiency in using Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint, which are all necessary for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports,


More Specifically:


Skills Needed to Ensure Success:


  • Detail oriented in every way

  • Superior problem-solving skills

  • Strong organizational, planning and administrative skills

  • Excellent data analytics skills with curiosity to triangulate diverse information and data points that unpack the mystery and tell the story.

  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work well in and with a team

  • Excellent relationship-management skills

  • Strong capacity building and presentation skills

  • Advanced MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Strong analytical, design, and reporting skills

  • Ability to work independently and with limited supervision

  • Ability to handle multiple simultaneous tasks, prioritize work, and remain functional under pressure, and aggressive timelines


Attributes That Will Lead to Success:


  • Strategic thinking

  • Attention to detail

  • Ability to work under pressure

  • Positive attitude with a willingness to learn

  • Ability to take responsible initiative

  • Curiosity to use data and evidence in problem solving and monitoring

  • Professional approach with the ability to liaise at a senior level in the organisation

  • Creative and innovative

  • Team player

  • Ability to take constructive criticism for self-development

  • Proactive with ideas, insights and implementation

Triggerise Kenya Limited
Nairobi, KE