Front-end engineer (JS/Vue.js)

Job description

We’re looking for a front-end engineer to build light, fast, and modern user interfaces in a studio environment. While you will primarily write code to bring designs to life, this opportunity will challenge also you to collaborate with strategists, designers, and other developers in producing great user experiences.


What we're looking for

This is your jam if you have:

  • quite good mastery of JavaScript (2+ years)

  • broad experience writing HTML (2+ years)

  • great experience writing CSS (2+ years)

  • worked with UI libraries (e.g. VueJS, React, Angular)

  • experience writing clear, modular code

  • experience identifying code complexity, designing alternatives, and/or refactoring code

  • experience leveraging unit, integration, and end-to-end tests

  • identifying and optimizing browser performance issues


What we value

You're going to be a good fit if you can:

  1. communicate reasoned opinions on user experience

  2. be involved in broader technology strategy conversations

  3. take ownership of interface development on projects

  4. strongly advocate user perspectives to clients and teammates

  5. exhibit good practical judgement in your development work

  6. provide technical advice and guidance along the production chain

  7. communicate fluently in English (speaking and writing)

  8. demonstrate responsibility, empathy, humility, patience, and a decent heart rate



Or is it "goods to have"? Your application will earn you extra credit if your qualifications can demonstrate more than a passing knowledge of:

  • Sass or Less

  • Gulp or Grunt

  • Node.JS

  • NPM

  • Git

  • building interfaces that are accessible according to WCAG standards

  • internationalization and localization

  • WordPress

  • jQuery

  • PHP

  • Symfony

  • Shopify


Technologies we use

  • Symfony

  • Twig

  • PHPStorm

  • Composer

  • VueJS

  • SequelPro

  • Node.JS

  • Elastic

  • Jenkins

  • Git

  • Jira


  • WordPress

  • Magento

Nairobi, KE